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Heads-Up on Your Business 2.0 Subscription

Business_20As you may have already heard by now, Business 2.0 (the magazine) is ceasing publication with the October issue.  Bummer.  I really liked Business 2.0 and I hate to see it go away.  That's one less magazine subscription on my already shrinking stack.

So if they've been talking openly about October being the last issue, why in the world did they just bill me for a subscription renewal?!  I was quite surprised to see that in my AMEX statement this week and decided to give their customer service line a call.  They explained that it was a timing issue and that my auto-renewal occurred before their formal decision to cease publication.  OK.  The customer service rep said the decision came on 9/4.  My statement's closing date was 9/13, so they had more than a week to reverse the charge.

This same rep also told me that had I not called them they simply would have switched my subscription from Business 2.0 to Money magazine.  Thanks but no thanks.

So if you're a Business 2.0 subscriber and you're not interested in a Money magazine subscription replacement, you might want to call them at 1-800-317-9704.



Bummer to hear about B2 going away. Any other magazines you recommend that cover the same topics?

Joe Wikert

Hi Justin. I'm also a big fan of Fast Company. It's a great magazine with several excellent columnists including the co-authors of "Made to Stick", Chip and Dan Heath. That's an excellent book, btw.


Great, thanks much Joe! Your blog is now bookmarked - great articles and insight.

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