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WiFi Is Nice, But How About Some Electricity?

Wall_outletI'm on the road this week, which means blog posts are few and far between.  As I sit in the airport I appreciate the fact that wifi service is pretty reliable, but when did all the power outlets disappear?  I usually don't need to recharge while waiting for a flight but the delays have sucked my battery dry.  It's interesting how the only available plug in this particular terminal seems to be located in the one spot where you only get one bar on the wireless signal.

Btw, if you travel much and you're looking for a great wireless service, check out iPass.  I've used it in about a dozen different airports and several hotels and have never been disappointed.


Michael Sauers

The AirPower wiki ( is a great place to check out before getting to an airport. Many majors are listed and many smaller airports too. If the one you're traveling through isn't listed, take some notes while you're there and contribute when you get back home.

Anthony S. Policastro

A problem everywhere. Battery technology is still in the stone age compared to the devices we carry around with us.

Jim Minatel

Joe: The first step is to conserve battery life by turning the screen brightness way down. ;)
Actually, this SWEET new Lenovo extended life battery for this nice new Lenovo X61 is telling me I'll get more than 6 hours battery life. I'm ready for my next airport delay!

Joe Wikert

Oh, sure, the Lenovo might *say* it will give you 6 hours of life, but let's see if that holds true!

Ellen Gerstein

The Lenovo lies! On no wi-fi, it said 6 hours but came closer to 4. Hate to think how it would have been on WiFi.

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