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What if Every Book Had a Video?

Movie_reelThis recent post by Steve Weber got me thinking...  If you watch the video Steve links to you'll probably have the same initial reaction I did: Sure, it makes sense to create a video for a collectible work like this, but why bother doing something similar for a run-of-the-mill book?

I don't know about you, but I don't generally read every word of every description of every book I buy on Amazon.  All the information on any given Amazon page these days can be a bit overwhelming.  Where do you look first?  The customer ratings/reviews?  The description?  The table of contents? 

Sometimes I'm more of a visual person anyway, so I'd welcome the chance to see a brief clip from the author or publisher on why this book is special.  Give me your 30-second elevator pitch on why I should buy it.  Or, tell me a bit about what inspired you to write it.  A short video message like that could go a long way to make a sale, even if it's just one more link on an already busy product page!


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