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Tim Moore Joins the Blogosphere

Ft_press_2Meet Tim Moore.  He works at Pearson and is publisher of Wharton School Publishing and FT Press.  I don't claim to know Tim all that well, but when I've spoken with him I've been very impressed with his passion and knowledge of the industry.

Tim works for "the competition", so why would I bother mentioning him here?  Because he recently took the plunge and is now blogging.  You can read his thoughts over on the FT Press Blogs.  His latest post has a number of interesting facts and figures but is not for the faint of heart.  For example, did you know that 40% of all books printed are never sold and that 70% of all books published don't earn out their author advances?

I'm delighted Tim is going to add his perspective via this blog and I hope we'll see more publishers join in as well.


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