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Steve Rushin Has Resurfaced!

RushinEver since he bid farewell back in February I've been watching my Sports Illustrated subscription wind down.  It expires in December and I have no interest in renewing as long as Rushin's column isn't part of the mix.  He's a uniquely talented genius who works the language like a magician.

So there I was, reading the August 6th issue of Time magazine when what do I see?  An essay by my favorite writer, Steve Rushin!  It's called Off the Deep End and it's classic Rushin.

There was no indication in the magazine that Rushin would be a regular contributor, so I hopped over to Time's website, did a quick search for his name and noticed there's now a second article available from him: How Friends Make You Fat.  That one appears in the 8/13 issue which just arrived today.  That's two issues in a row.

Time magazine, if you guys managed to sign Rushin up for a weekly column you can renew my subscription immediately!


Joe Wikert

Here's yet another fun essay from Steve Rushin in this week's Time magazine. Looks like President Bush is a big fan of his as well...

Stu Forbes

It seems that just about everone has a blog now-a-days. I only hope that Steve Rushin already has one or is going to get one I read one of hise stories in me magazine at the doctors office and found myself laughing out loud. He truly is a gifted writer

From the desk of Stu

Stu Forbes

Sorryfor the typos and missed keys. The magazinewas Time.
From the desk of he who cannot type

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