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Steve Rubel on Microcontent

RubelRarely does such a short article offer so much valuable insight while also causing you to ask even more questions.  This article in Advertising Age by Steve Rubel is a must read for anyone in the content business.

The first sentence of his closing paragraph says it all: "In the very near future portals...will be able to easily inhale the smallest pieces of content from across the web."  What are your plans to ensure your content is distributable in this manner?

P.S. -- Does the WebClip feature of the new Mac OS sound a lot like the widget service from Humanizing Technologies mentioned earlier in this post?...


Michael A. Banks

Nice article. Steve is interviewed in Blogging Heroes, where he has some things to say about shifting from long form to short.

Joe Wikert

Hi Mike. Yes, I read Steve's interview along with most of the others in raw manuscript form recently. You and the folks interviewed did a great job on that book. I can't wait to see it as a finished product later this year!

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