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Final "Blogging Heroes" Cover

Blogging_heroesDoes anyone remember this little debate?  I took the gamble of asking everyone's opinion about two cover designs for our upcoming book, Blogging Heroes.  Well, after much back and forth on that blog post (as well as within the walls of Wiley!), we wound up going with the design you see here.  I know this design won't please everyone but I like the way it turned out.  (And yes, believe it or not, I actually get to make decisions like this every once in awhile...)

Actually, I don't think this smaller image does the cover justice though.  I've seen the full-size version and it's quite attractive.  You also don't get the benefit of seeing the impact of that yellow ink we're using for all the type -- it's got a neon feel to it and I'm told it even glows in the dark.  So, if the lights go out when you're at the bookstore this is the one title that really ought to stand out.;-)

More importantly, I've spent a good deal of time over the past few weeks reading the manuscript that Mike Banks delivered on this project.  I still have a couple of interviews yet to read but I'm thrilled with what I've seen so far.  It's great to have all this blogging insight from so many big names in the community in one book.  Keep an eye out for this one; it's currently scheduled to arrive in stores in early December.


Dave Taylor

I know I am delighted to be involved with this project and what I've read so far suggests this is going to be a breezy, delightful read sure to catch the attention of anyone even just curious about the blogging and personal publishing phenomenon. Michael's done a great job.

I just wish I could see if my name made it into lights on the cover, Joe! :-)

Michael A. Banks

I like it! Thanks for posting it, Joe. And thanks to both you and Dave for the good words.

Victor Agreda Jr

Glow in the dark text? Love it. We smaller names in blogging were happy to play a part as well. Can't wait to see the full-size version.

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