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13 Blog Cliches, by Jeff Atwood

Do_not_enterThanks to Wiley colleague John Helmus for pointing this link out to me.  Jeff Atwood, author of the Coding Horror blog, provides a nice list of 13 bad blogging practices.  I'm guilty of implementing several of these, but in honor of Jeff's list, I'm immediately removing the calendar element from my blog (item #1 in his post).

I have to admit that as I read each of the 13 items I immediately thought of at least one or two offending blogs (including my own, unfortunately).  Take a look at his list and see if you have the same reaction.



I actually use the calendar widget on a couple of sites I manage. I use Wordpress as backend and not exclusively for blogging. One site is a church site and the calendar is used to announce upcoming services, session meeting, picnics, etc.

The other site is for another group that has frequent meetings and outings and the calendar widget has a function where users can subscribe via a special link in their calendar program via RSS or similar technologies.

Yeah, if you are just using a calendar to reference blog post it is a bit of a waste of space. A search of category list would be better served for that.

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