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Susan Driscoll of iUniverse

Book_biz_2iUniverse is a self-publishing operation that has a strategic partnership with Barnes & Noble.  Susan Driscoll, iUniverse CEO and President, is interviewed in this article from Book Business magazine.

She notes that one aspect of her job she enjoys most is the work she does directly with iUniverse authors.  She also points out that she gets to do much more of that with iUniverse than she did in her previous roles with traditional publishers.  Interesting point.  I too enjoy the time I get to spend talking to and working with authors.  I also admit that I don't get to do as much of that as I'd like.  Then again, she says iUniverse publishes about 400 books per month, so it's hard telling how many she's able to hook up with every month.

Susan also has a blog that she posts to once or twice a month and is worth subscribing to.


Rebecca Burgess

Thanks for the direction to Susan Driscoll's blog. I had considered POD publishers for my novel, iUniverse among them, but in the end decided to start my own small press, Ophelia House, and self publish using a print on demand printer greatly reducing the personal financial risk of warehousing a garage full of books. While there are more and more quality books being published by iUniverse, Lulu, Booksense etc. they do have to struggle past the stigma still surrounding POD books because there isn't any selection hoops these authors must hurdle. As the publisher and author, I am more responsible for producing that perfect product than an author with a house full of designers, editors, copy editors, and marketers, but I also enjoy the freedom of making all final decisions. Self publishing is much, much, much more work than using one of the PODs, however; I am able to determine whether or not to list the books as returnable which opens up the ability for them to be ordered and sold within the brick buildings as well as the online venues. The way I figure, at the end of the day all new authors need two things to be successful in the marketplace, a fantastic product, and the ability to wag their own fanny.

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