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Should This Really Be Considered (Good) News?!

Mobilebook_luluAccording to this story, an author actually wrote an entire book on his cell phone?!  Three points come to mind:

  1. Is this really newsworthy?  I've seen it on another blog and on the site linked to above, so I guess it is.  Then again, this morning's Today Show featured a clip from Mongolia where the world's tallest man met the world's shortest man.  Definitely a slow news day.
  2. Is this really what this author wants this book to be known by?  Do you suppose he'll be winning people over with these lines: "Yeah, I'm the guy that wrote the first book on a cell phone...story line?...I dunno, there's not much to it, but hey, it's the first book written on a cell phone!"
  3. Finally, and most importantly, what do this guy's thumbs look like and what sort of new level of repetitive strain injury has he just introduced to his hands?!  My thumbs ache after write a few quick e-mail replies on my Blackberry so I can't imagine what sort of pain he's been enduring!


Michael A. Banks

I think the story about the world's tallest man meeting the world's shortest man is big little news. Writing a book on a cellphone keyboard is not news.

I wrote my first two (published) books on a manual portable typewriter (Smith-Corona Skywriter). The ribbon rewind didn't work; I had to stick a pencil in the take-up reel and rewind it every few pages.

I was a fast typist and had key-jams every couple of minutes. Liquid Paper ... retyping entire pages ... faded ribbons ... counting words ... hundreds and hundreds of pages ... uphill both ways ... arrrgh!


Someone wrote an entire book on his cellphone? Must be about masochism. I tried jotting down a few notes on my phone once, and lost half of the file when the program closed without warning.

I'll stick to my Mac, with AutoRecover set at a nice anal setting of "every 5 minutes," thanks.

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