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If Rumsfeld Writes a Book...

Rumsfeld...would anybody want to read it?  I agree with Kassia Krozser and her post on Booksquare, partly because of her point about what's likely to be an insanely high author advance, but mostly because I can't think of anyone else I'd care less to read about.  I take that back.  There is one book I'd read Rumsfeld's ahead of: How I Saved FEMA, by Michael Brown, a purely fictional project that (thankfully) will never see the light of day.

On a more positive note, my lovely wife got me a copy of Tony Dungy's Quiet Strength, which I plan to start reading immediately.  Now there's a guy I could learn a lot from I'm sure.  Local sports columnist Bob Kravitz offered this review of Quiet Strength in Tuesday's Indianapolis Star.  It's funny...I know a lot of people who can't stand Kravitz and his opinions.  I can't think of any time I ever disagreed with him though, and I'll bet this book review is no exception.


van der Leun

Surely you can't be clueless about big-name politicos, high advances, and high book sales. The function of these books is to take up space on a shelf and display the owner's tilt to all and sundry. If you think all the books purchased with names like Clinton and Obama in the author slots got read rather than just displayed, you've got another think coming.

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