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Content_connectionsEver find yourself wondering what the demographics of the book buying market look like?  This recent article in the Chicago Sun-Times provides some summary information for you.  (Hint: Approximately two-thirds of all non-fiction sales are to women and about a third of their purchases are done online.)

Want more info?  Visit the Content Connections site where they'll give you free access to the full report if you give them your name and e-mail address.  I haven't read the entire doc yet but plan to shortly; the rest of their website looks interesting as well...


Lori Cates Hand

Hi Joe,

Were you aware that Roland Elgey is at Content Connections? I met one of his colleagues on the BookExpo shuttle bus last week and we made the connection. Small world! I think it's a great idea--those of us who make acquisitions decisions should rely more on solid facts than just our "guts."

Joe Wikert

Hi Lori. Funny you should mention that... About 2 hours after I made this post yesterday I got a call from our old friend Roland. It turns out he's the president of Content Connections. Small world indeed!

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