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Fake Blogs

Shadow_3As a general rule I absolutely hate anonymous blogging.  If you've got something to say, say it and don't hide behind some veil of secrecy.

So although I don't like them, I have to admit that sometimes they can be pretty darned funny.  In this particular case, we're talking about comedy talents that are far superior to what you'd typically see on TV, although I admit that's setting the bar rather low.

What am I talking about?  Mary Jo Foley recently did a funny short post called So many Fake Steves so little time.  It's about the fake Steve Jobs blog, which I've been reading for a couple of weeks now as well as the recently-launched fake Steve Ballmer one which I discovered through Mary Jo's post.  (Btw, can't you just picture someone at Microsoft saying, "hey, that fake Steve Jobs blog is getting way too much publicity...we need to start a fake Ballmer one!")

If the authors of these blogs aren't already in the comedy writing industry they need to consider a career change!


Joel Fugazzotto

Heh! I've seen the Fake Steve Jobs blog before, but I wasn't aware of the Fake Steve Ballmer blog until your post.

With that said, would you have any objections if started a Fake Joe Wikert blog? :-)

Joe Wikert

I'd love to see a "Fake Joe Wikert blog"...the problem is, who would bother reading it besides me?!

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