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BlogrovrScoble picked up on this post about BlogRovr and put it in his shared items feed.  As the BlogRovr folks put it, you "download BlogRovR’s browser plug-in and tell Rovr what blogs you like. While you browse, Rovr will show you posts from them about the page you’re on. Rovr’s tray slides in briefly showing summaries of the posts it finds."

Pretty cool...assuming you do all your blog reading outside an RSS reader!  You have to go to the blog's web page to use this service.  95% or more of my blog reading is done within Bloglines.  I typically only visit the blog's page if I want to post a comment.

Am I the only person on the planet who rarely goes to a blog's page?!  If it doesn't work within my RSS reader it's not going to do me much good.


Marc Meyer

Hey Joe, thanks for giving blogrovr a try. I understand that you'd like Rovr to tell you about "other related stuff" when you're reading blogs in your feedreader. That's coming, but not here today.

But, consider that though Rovr won't help you much while you're reading feeds in the feedreader, Rovr tells you about stuff when you're browsing something other than blogs!

That is, if you go to apple.com (not a blog) you can see what all those blogs say about apple.com recently, so you can maybe spend a little less time in your feedreader and a bit more out and about on the web.

Marc Meyer CEO of Activeweave, makers of BlogRovR

Joe Wikert

Hi Marc. Thanks for stopping by to add your comments. I can't wait for you to implement feed reader capabilities -- I'll definitely be hooked at that point! You're right to point out the non-blog functionality as well. I've noticed (and gotten use out of) the Rovr on all sorts of other web pages.

Although I'm pleading with you to add that reader functionality, don't assume I'm giving up on the tool!

Therese Walsh

I, too, am a bloglines junkie and only stroll my lazy self to a site when I have something to say. Like now.

I don't think I'd benefit from BlogRovr at this point.

Joe Wikert

OK, I have to admit BlogRovr really is driving me nuts... I've been using it for the past few days and every time I try to disable it for a bit it seems to re-enable itself! I'm afraid I'm going to have to uninstall this one before I lose my temper!

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