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Zuula: My New Favorite Search Tool

ZuulaThanks to Debbie Weil for pointing this one out on her blog: Zuula is an uber-search tool that pulls in results from the likes of Google, Yahoo, MSN, Alexa and more.

Like most people, I tend to use Google for 90% or more of my searches, but I sometimes wonder what results I'd get from other engines.  Since I'm too lazy to open yet another Firefox tab and try it out, I make do with Google alone.  With Zuula, I'm just a quick tab click away from seeing the results that another engine generates, and I don't have to re-enter my query.  Very useful.

And as Debbie wisely points out, if it's good enough for Gina Trapani on the Lifehacker blog it's good enough for me!


Morgan Ramsay

Copernic Technologies offers the same thing, but Copernic Agent is so much better.

Daniel Sitter

Thanks for publicising this great tool. I have attached it to my IE7 toolbar for quick, informative search comparisons.


Thank you very much for the positive comments about Zuula, Joe.

As you suggested, a key benefit of Zuula is that you can depend on your favorite search engine for most of your searches, but still have quick access to results from other search engines, when you want them. Moreover, the results are presented in a familiar format which includes advertising, but doesn't mix organic and sponsored search results together into one results listing, the way many metasearch engines do.

Plus, you don't need any special software to use Zuula ... just your favorite browser.

And the service is free!

Be sure to let us know any comments or suggestions that you or your readers have. We value and very much appreciate feedback from our users.

All the best,

The Zuula Team

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