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Sprint's Ambassador Program Rocks

SprintAfter almost 2 months of free Ambassador service from Sprint I have to admit that I'm hooked.  I'm dreading that day in September when Sprint ends my 6-month trial.

What's so great about it?:

The phone -- I love the form factor of the M610 they sent me.  It's small enough to slip into any size pocket and not too small so that it's easily lost.  It's also loaded with features.

The music -- I've been an XM subscriber for about a year now and figured I wouldn't get much use out of the Sirius service in this phone.  Wrong.  Not only do I use it almost as much as my XM device, it's much more reliable and portable than the XM player.  Yes, the channel selection is limited and yes, there are still the occasional skips as the signal synchs, but it's still a great part of the overall service.

The GPS -- I've never had a cellphone with GPS built into it before but boy is it handy!  The updates as you're driving probably aren't as precise as a dedicated GPS device, but it's definitely "good enough" (and then some) to help you find your way.

The camera -- Yeah, it's only a 2-megapixel camera, but it's not so much the quality of the photos as the rapid uploading and e-mail capabilities of the network that get my attention.  I've used the camera on a couple of trips now and e-mailing the pictures is not only easy but extremely fast.

Finally, there's the overall service.  I've tested this in Indiana, New York, New Jersey and Florida.  The results: great signal strength and very clear audio.

It really makes me wish I wasn't already signed up for another year or two for my family's cellphone plan at Cingular...  (Btw, Cingular has been an excellent carrier for my family over the last 3 years, and much, much better than the experience I had with Verizon!)


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