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Our 9th Hit of 2007: About Face 3

About_face_3_2Wow!  Our editorial group's amazing run of best-sellers in 2007 just keeps on going...  Our latest hit is Alan Cooper's About Face 3, the latest edition of his classic book on user interface design.  You might be familiar with Cooper's name as he's often referred to as "the father of Visual Basic."  He's highly respected in the UI design area and we're thrilled that this one is already in Amazon's Top 25 list.  It was as high as #20 yesterday...I tried to make this post yesterday but TypePad decided it didn't want to...I just love TypePad...NOT!

Congratulations to Chris Webb and the rest of the editorial team on this one!


Milan Negovan

Joe, not to be contentious, but... How valid is the first review of this book at Amazon (re: quality of paper & cover, illustrations, etc)?

Joe Wikert

Hi Milan. It's a fair question. I didn't notice any problems with the copy I received from the printer, but I'll take a closer look at it when I'm back in the office on Monday. Part of the problem is the reviewer is comparing our book to a 4-color book produced on very high quality paper. About Face 3 is a 1-color book and we printed it on the standard stock we use for most of our 1-color books; our 4-color books are also generally done on much nicer, higher-quality stock, so it's a tough comparison. Again though, I want to make sure we don't have a quality issue and will inspect the book on Monday.

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