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FanNation: A Sports Junkie's Dream

FannationWhether you're a Sports Illustrated subscriber or not, all sports fans need to check out SI's FanNation website. They tout it as "The Republic of Sport" and I think they've built a winner; judging by this Alexa graph it's fair to say they're making a splash.  It's an all-in-one sports portal where you can not only follow your favorite teams/players but also join in the dialog with other community members.

Yes, there are loads of other sites out there like this, some of which only have a few pieces of what FanNation offers; I've never found one I like that much but I can definitely see becoming a regular visitor to this one.  I'd still like to see them add a couple of other features: First, a widget system that would allow me to pull the feeds for my favorite teams/players onto my desktop.  Second, and more importantly, I'd love to see them add the smackdown feature I lobbied for in this earlier post...

This site definitely has the potential to fuse together the best of professional sports reporting with community perspective, creating the so-called "ProAm solution."


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