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I've been at the Wiley P/T sales conference all week and one of my favorite things to do afterward is talk about some of the cool books that were presented.  I admit that my favorites tend to be non-computer books, but that doesn't mean I don't love the tech category!

First up is the next in the enormously successful The Little Book of... series.  This one is called The Little Book that Makes You Rich, by Louis Navellier and is sure to be a hit.  I've posted before on other titles in The Little Book of... series and I absolutely love all three of them; I'm also proud to report that at market close today, I'm up 12% on the stock and index fund investments I made in the past year from earlier books in this series.  Your mileage may vary, of course, but I'm delighted with my results!

Speaking of huge franchises, the next likely blockbuster from Patrick Lencioni is called The Three Signs of a Miserable Job and is due to be published in August.  I can't wait!  I've read and reviewed several of Lencioni's earlier works and they're all fantastic.

Finally, the book I'm most looking forward to reading is Harvey Frommer's Five O'Clock Lightning: Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig and the Greatest Baseball Team in History, the 1927 New York Yankees.  And what perfect timing: The book is scheduled for release in late October, right about the time Red Sox fans will be licking their wounds watching the Yankees go all the way again!


Michael A. Banks

It's interesting that books The Little Book That Makes You Rich are so profligate, yet sell well. It of course speaks to the hopes of book buyers.

Yours is the first comment on a book of this type citing actual results. (I admit that I don't go looking for same.) I think this sort of statement ought to be used to promote the book. Most guides to moneymaking I've examined carry only "this is a great book!" endorsements by names in a particular field, or generic, "I tried this and made lots of money" quotes. Nice to see some verification that a book can deliver.

Joe Wikert

Hi Mike. I feel even more obligated to share my results because the book is from my employer, Wiley. It would seem hollow if I hyped a series like this, made investments, lost money and didn't come clean. In this case, I'm thrilled with my results to date. That said, I could have simply been quite lucky to pick the right stocks. The index fund though is one that Bogel specifically recommends in his book and is up 5.83% since I bought it last year. It's really the results from some of the stocks I bought that are driving the big returns: CECO is up 69%, BVF is up 67% and GIB is up 48%, for example. I got a few dogs as well, but they've been more than offset by the winners to date (ASPV down 21% and ALDA down 6%). It just goes to show you the importance of diversifying things, right?

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