Our 10th Bestseller of 2007!
Microsoft Popfly

A Fun Day for New Books

Hacking_vista Flex2 Sharepoint Analyticsactionable Analyticshour_3

This was one of those truly enjoyable days where, as publisher, you get to see some of the first copies of your group's latest books, hot off the presses.  The five covers shown above represent just some of the great new books I received today.

We lead off with a revision to one of our best-selling Hacking titles, Hacking Windows Vista.  Next, two new WROX books on Adobe's Flex 2 and Microsoft's SharePoint 2007.  Finally, we have a couple of great new web analytics titles, including the second book in our An Hour a Day series.  Look for these in bookstores shortly...and hopefully on best-seller lists as well!


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