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Local Events Maps

Local_map_2Have you ever found yourself sitting around on a Friday night or on the road for a business trip wondering what local events might be going on?  You could scan the local paper or try to Google a bit to figure it out, but why not offer a mapping service that pulls it all together?

Plug in your current address (home, hotel, whatever) and a map is displayed.  If I'm using Google Maps I can then click on the Traffic button to see the best route from point A to point B or I can click the Satellite button to get a bird's eye view.  Why not add an Events button that displays all the local movies, comedy clubs, concerts and other shows?  This map could include information on start times and even let you buy tickets from within the map interface.

This could be accomplished via a mashup of basic mapping services with a database of local events.  You could monetize it by charging for premium placement on the map and/or taking a cut of the resulting ticket sales.  Customer reviews/feedback could also be incorporated, making it an even richer service.

Does something like this already exist and I just haven't found it yet?  If so, let me know...I'd get a lot of use out of a service like this!

P.S. -- Ask has a service called "Ask City" that's close, but no cigar.  I plugged in my hometown and selected today but it showed a bunch of stuff that happened earlier in the week.  The e-commerce part of it is non-existent -- I'd like the ability to purchase within the map interface without getting redirected to another site.  They also use a multi-pane window approach, which isn't as effective as the little pop-ups Google tends to use.  Either way, it looks like a service that was half-built and then abandoned as they certainly don't have the seamless integration between the map and the events that I think could be hugely popular.  I'm surprised Google isn't all over this, especially as they try to offer more local services.



Dallas - Fort Worth's will take care of you when you're in the "Big D." Check out the "Neighborhood" section.

Rafael Sidi

Joe, you may want to check Yahoo's Upcoming site at

Greg Perry

I really like your blog but who's that guy in the upper-left hand corner? The picture really devalues the quality of your site...!

Joe! I just heard that you had this blog and I'm sad I didn't know earlier. I've missed a lot of good reading. I'll work to catch up though.

Hope all is going well with you.

Greg Perry

Joe Wikert

Rafael, that Yahoo site looks interesting but I don't see the map feature I'm talking about; it looks a lot like many other "local events" sites I've seen.

Greg, it's great to hear from you -- it's been too long! Drop me an e-mail so that we can catch up with each other.


It sounds like a great idea to me. While we may surf globally, we all still live locally. In our lives we really need local or place specific details a lot more often not.

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