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Changing Revenue Model...#6: Video

MoneyAnd now the final installment of the Changing Revenue Model post of 6 tactics I first wrote about a couple of weeks go.  This last piece is about video.

If you look past the surface of the YouTube phenomenon you'll see it's about much more than just wasting time.  A picture is worth a thousand words and broadband penetration rates are clearly high enough to support video as a viable content distribution vehicle.

As I've said before, reading and print are not going away anytime soon.  But, it's important for anyone in the content business to take a good, hard look at video and see how it can either add to or replace your current product mix.  And while you're thinking about this, focus on short pieces rather than long ones.  Edit longer videos so that they present the smallest piece of information possible; it's far better to offer links to multiple short pieces than to force viewers to sit through one long piece.

Finally, be sure to look at integrated solutions rather than standalone.  How can you add value to your current offering with a video element?  How can the print and video components work together to feed off each other?


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