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Wiley is #1 Visual Studio 2005 Publisher

Vs2005Almost two years ago we decided to invest heavily in Microsoft's Visual Studio 2005 programming tool release.  We especially wanted to emphasize our WROX imprint, which is geared for the programming crowd.  We planned numerous day-and-date titles on ASP.NET, Visual C#, Visual Basic and many sub-topics within Visual Studio 2005.

Now that Visual Studio 2005 has been out for well over a year it's time to look at the results.  Based on the top 750 computers/internet titles, Wiley is clearly the leading publisher on Visual Studio 2005.  The numbers show us with anywhere from 40-44% of the market share by units life to date, depending on which week you analyze.  The closest competitor only has about a 30% share and everyone else is at 10% or less.

Congratulations to the entire Wiley team -- this accomplishment is the result of a coordinated effort between our authors and Wiley's editorial, marketing and sales groups.  Well done!


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