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TypePad Mobile: Blackberry Users Need Not Apply!

Newton TypePad recently announced their Mobile service, which lets TypePad members update their blog via mobile long as that mobile device happens to be Palm, Windows or Symbian-based.  I guess the TypePad team hasn't bought into the whole Blackberry phenomenon.  I wonder if they're planning Apple Newton support before adding Blackberry coverage...


Jim Minatel

While I do feel snubbed by this too, I should point out I've easily posted simple Typepad blog posts from my blackberry pearl using just the blackberry web browser. It's not elegant, but it works.

Joe Wikert

Wow, you're a glutton for punishment. Let me guess: You probably prefer to access your Gmail account through the Blackberry browser rather than using Google's Blackberry app!

Dave T.

ummm why not use Typepad's ability to blog via an email address? wouldn't that work just as well, if not better for Blackberry?

Joe Wikert

I assume the email approach means you have to do all sorts of HTML coding to get the right look. I'd prefer to stick with a WYSIWYG editor that's going to do the formatting/coding for me. I'm just lazy that way...


Typepad's app for iPhone works on the Blackberry too.

Try it.

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