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PW: "To Blog or Not to Blog?"

PwThis PW article poses the question, "To Blog or Not to Blog?"  Although the piece is aimed at authors of children's books it definitely applies to all authors.  I disagree with the author's middle of the road stance on this.  She answers the question, "is it worth it?", by saying, "the answer seems to be a qualified maybe--or maybe someday."

Wrong!!  If you're an author, or plan to become one down the road, you should absolutely, positively have a blog.  Can it become a significant time investment?  Sure, but you can invest as much or as little time as you feel it deserves.  Don't let that scare you away.  Just jump in and do it.  That's what I did over two years ago and I'm glad someone pushed me!  (Actually, two people pushed me: Robert Scoble and Shel Israel.)

Here's the most important quote from this article: Editor Julie Strauss-Gabel says, "Blogging is a long-term endeavor, one that builds and sustains a loyal fan base over a career."  Well said.


Michael A. Banks

It's difficult to see how a writer could not blog, or at least drop in on others' blogs. It's a break for me, a break that doesn't feel like I'm "not writing" because I am writing. Blogs also serve as a platform for material I may not use anywhere else, and for thoughts I want to get out in more than one venue.

And maybe my blog postings will lead people to a few of my books.

Or not. I don't worry about responses, or a lack thereof. Many readers are just too awed by writers (yes, even by you, over in the corner there!) to even think about writing. Others look at authors rather like public utilities, something you don't tamper with.

However, people do read what you write, and it does have an effect, so have at it--even if it's just a blog for your book at Amazon. (Who knows? A publisher may see some of your postings and decide that you're the author she's been looking for to write a certain book. It happens.)

Joe Wikert

Great points, Mike. And I totally forgot to emphasize the "take part in other people's blogs" angle in all this. Very important, and I'm glad you raised it. You never know when you might get a great idea from someone else's blog!

Adam Brucker

Agreed on all counts!

Even if you never build up a huge audience, the simple act of writing in the public eye everyday is certain to develop new ideas that can be used in your current or future books.

I've found more value working on my blog (www.badslacks.com) than in any other activity related to writing my book.

Michael Miller

Sounds good, but professional writers do like to be paid for their work. Spend enough time on a blog (or two or three), plus contribute postings to a few other blogs, and pretty soon you're a very skilled amateur instead of a paid professional. At the very least, blogging takes time away from paid writing. Yeah, it's all good publicity, but take it too far and the free publicity outweighs the free writing. (And don't get me started on the website that wanted me to write regular articles for free, because it would be "good publicity" for my other work...)

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