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Borders: The Good News in the Results

BordersAlthough today's financial news from Borders wasn't exactly pleasant, I'm intrigued by some of the plans they're working on for their superstores.  This PW article by Jim Milliot provides some clues to what they have in mind.

The new "concept store" will apparently have a hi-tech feel to it, but I hope they don't just toss in technology for technology's sake.  I've always appreciated the fact that Borders has terminals throughout the store to let customers search to their heart's content; I wish they'd consider this suggestion I made last October though.  It sounds like they might actually implement one of the three ideas I included in this post almost two years ago (in-store kiosks), but it's unclear whether they'll use the sponsorship model I proposed.

And finally, hooray for a possible change to the Borders Rewards program!  I'm a member and I'm also in the B&N program.  The difference is that although the Borders program is free and the B&N one has an annual fee, I like the B&N one better because I see tangible results every time I make a purchase.  Borders, please rethink this and don't be afraid to charge an annual fee for discounts on member purchases!


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