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Second Life Author Event

Sl_authorevent_2_2 Sl_authorevent_3_2As you may already know from previous references on my blog, our group recently published the first book on Second Life.  We also hosted an in-world author event for the book.  As Kelly Trent our marketing manager put it, "over 60 Second Life residents had the chance to "meet and greet" the authors, ask questions about the book, and learn more about their experiences in Second Life."

Wiley also has a virtual store in Second Life.  If you're already a Second Life member just head to this link and teleport to the store.  I took a look around it earlier and was duly impressed.  You'll notice a giant display at the front of the store for our Official Guide (see below, no comments about my tail, please...).  I wish it were this easy to create such attention-grabbing displays in the real world!  Thanks to Kelly and the rest of the team for coordinating this event.



Cecil Vortex

very very cool -- congrats to everyone who pulled this together!

Pete Williams


I love IT !!

It good to see Wiley USA using cutting edge marketing mediums to generate sales - If only they were that pro-active worldwide !


Daniel Gray

Hey Joe -

Spingo and I were ten years too early with the whole official guide to the virtual online world thing. I still have hundreds of them sitting in boxes in my garage. Want to do a bundle deal? :)


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