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RSS vs. Aggregation Sites

OmaboutBloglines is my RSS reader of choice.  I've tried Google's reader but I keep coming back to Bloglines.  I can't quite say why that is, other than I generally don't switch from one app to another unless there's a compelling reason to do so.  One RSS reader is as good as the next...

Then I read Om Malik's recent article in Business 2.0 magazine, "Aggregating the Aggregators."  I've gotten to used to looking at RSS feeds in the same old way that I never considered using something like originalsignal.  Take a minute and click over to that originalsignal link...

What did you think of it?  Pretty cool, right?  I liked it so much that I added it to my (growing list of) homepage tabs in Firefox.  Rather than having to click through every individual feed to see if anything looks interesting, I can quickly scan through one page of headlines from several feeds.  It's pretty customizable too.  You can move feeds around on the page so that the most interesting ones are always at the top.

Am I going to abandon my traditional RSS reader, Bloglines?  No way, but originalsignal will become yet another item in my toolbox and a handy resource to help me keep up on the latest developments.



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I get this service from my favourite page - Netvibes ( - you get a feed layout like this, but you also get lots of widgets for other services like flickr, to do lists, all on the same page. Highly recommended.

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