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MyYahoo Widgets? A No-Brainer!

Yahoo_widgetI've been using Yahoo's desktop widgets ever since they were known as Konfabulator.  They're nifty little bits of content that are readily accessible when docked on your desktop.  At the same time, I've been using a few widgets on my blog and am always on the lookout for good new ones.  I have to admit I never stopped to question why Yahoo hasn't made their desktop widgets available for web page use.  In this blog post, Steve Rubel talks about a Walt Mossberg comment that might indicate Yahoo is opening their eyes to this great opportunity.

It seems like such an obvious feature to add.  Plus, when when was the last time anything new and interesting was added to MyYahoo's feature set?  I still keep a MyYahoo tab open in Firefox, but I don't visit it as much as I used to; adding a growing list of Yahoo widgets to that page would make it a lot more interesting.


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