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Happy Birthday to Wiley (and My Blog)

Birthday_cakeMy blogging activity is likely to be light this week as I'm on the road.  Last week we celebrated the 200th anniversary of John Wiley & Sons in Indianapolis and this week we're doing the same in San Francisco.  It's truly amazing to work for a company that's 200 years old.  I was at NCR in the 1980's and help celebrate a 100th anniversary there, but 200 years for Wiley seems much more significant...probably because Wiley still has sixth- and seventh-generation family members running the business!  Very impressive!

At the same time, I realized this week marks the second anniversary of my blog.  Yeah, I know that 2 years of blogging can't hold a candle to 200 years as a company, but still...  Thanks again to Robert Scoble and Shel Israel for prodding me into the blogosphere!


Tom Britt

Congrats Wiley and Joe! A 200 year old company is amazing, especially in the publishing industry.

shel israel

Happy Anniversary, Joe. It is a fine two-year-old you have sired. That Valentine's Dinner in the torrential rains in the desert is one I'll never forget.

Cecil Vortex

happy blog'versary!

hard to believe that when you started blogging, Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey were still together. It seems like a million years ago. Those were simpler times....

Joel Fugazzotto

Congratulations on two years of blogging! Here's to many more blogging anniversaries!!!


Congrats to both Wiley and you Joe..

Munir Umrani

Congratulations on hanging in there and blogging for two years. This suggests that you didn't start the blog just to placate Scoble.

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