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Realty Blogging, by Richard Nacht and Paul Chaney

Realty_blogging_2 Real estate agents certainly have a much harder job today than they did in the pre-Internet days.  I often wonder how so many of them continue to make a living when there are a variety of online solutions for buying and selling a house.  How do they justify their commission?  Stand out in the crowd?

One way to become better known as the local real estate expert, and a very good one, I might add, is to consider getting into the blogosphere.  Become the well-known real estate expert in your community.  Offer all sorts of great insight on how to prep your house for sale or what to look for in your next home purchase.

If you're in the real estate business or know someone who is, Realty Blogging is a "must read."  The authors do a fantastic job of putting everything you need to know about blogging in general, but aimed at the real estate market, in a book that's less than 200 pages long.  Much of their advice can also be applied outside of blogging (e.g., positioning yourself as the expert and exploiting niches).  Another nice touch is that they not only offer coverage of the more popular blogging platforms, they also set up their own, where readers can start a blog in an environment that's very realtor-friendly.

The best real estate agents also seem to be outstanding at personal networking.  Blogging is a natural networking extension, but with the added benefits of being much broader and offering 24/7 access.  I know a lot of the real estate agents out there are "old school" and all, but I think any agent without a blog is really missing a huge opportunity.  If you're the new real estate agent in the area, what better way to build brand recognition and a following than starting a blog to share your real estate wisdom and advice?

I also like the form factor of this one (small trim size, less than 200 pages, inexpensively priced) and wonder what other vertical segments might be right for a blogging book like this...


Paul Chaney

Wow! Thank, Joe, for such kind comments about our book. Considering your place in the world of publishing, it means a great deal for you to endorse it. Richard and I are very appreciative.

Michael A. Banks

Great stuff--we're back to marketing here! I'm sending the permalink to this to a good friend who is a realtor.

Paul Chaney

I happened upon this post today and wanted to say that it had nothing less than a profound impact on the industry in terms of Realtors adopting blogging as a marketing tool. I can't tell you how many Realtors have told me over the years how this book served as their inspiration to give blogging a try.

While neither Richard or I are still active in the real estate industry, many of my friends - both of the real and the virtual social network variety - are Realtors. Realty Blogging spawned the formation of those relationships.

On a personal note, this book served as my entre into the world of publishing. Since then I've had opportunity to author or co-author three other titles, one of which was published by Wiley.

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