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MarketWatch on the Future of Content

Mw3Here's one of the more insightful "2007 predictions" articles I've seen thus far.  Bambi Francisco of MarketWatch talks about how video is the future.  I agree and think we'll look back in a year or two and marvel at how much more online video is integrated into the typical web browsing experience. 

We're starting to see it today with YouTube pieces embedded on websites and in blog posts, but I think the widget phenomenon is about to explode with video components leading the way.  This will result in everyone incorporating video elements on every page on a given site, both for the additional content they will provide but more importantly, for the income the not-yet-invented advertising model will (theoretically) deliver...

Her thoughts about a "closed-garden personal page" are also absolutely right (see the paragraph about Disney.com).  How can sites like Disney get around this, enabling the use of their images, icons, etc., outside their own site?  More widgets!


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