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Happy Horse Hoopla

Happy_horseI don't talk much about home life on this blog, but this item is too important to skip.  Our youngest daughter (Hannah) has been riding horses for a few years now and is in more competitions than I can count.  Don't ask me the details...I'm a total horse novice but I enjoy watching her ride.

The IHJA had their annual banquet last night and we were invited because Hannah finished the year 5th in the state in the "Beginner Rider (Junior)" class.  I can't even tell you how proud I was last night, hearing her name called and watching her head to the stage for her ribbon.  It was definitely one of those images that I'll remember the rest of my life.


Michael A. Banks

Congratulations to Hannah! As a father, I know that feeling.


Congratulations on such achievements and success to Ms. Hannah! Bravo!!!

Kathy Sierra

Why am I not surprised, after seeing that picture of her riding Angel? Tell her congratulations for me! She's going to be even more of a good influence on some of her young riding peers : )

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