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Vodcasting the Message


Here's a good story in today's Indianapolis Star about a local tech company, MediaSauce.  Their vodcasting services are being used by some local universities, including Butler, to help deliver their recruiting message.

What a great idea.  Most schools feature a few quotes and pictures of current students, but a vodcast is a much more effective way to communicate the message.  Rather than reading about what somebody thinks, you're actually seeing them experience the campus, classes, fellow students, etc.

I hope we start to see a lot more of this, not just with schools but with businesses and other organizations as well.  Corporate blogging is still slow to take off, so I'm sure there will be plenty of skeptics and naysayers for business vodcasts.  That would be a shame though; imagine how effective a true "look behind the scenes" would be for employee recruiting, for example.


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