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Second Life, Here I Come!

Second Life is a virtual world that’s been getting a lot of press this year.  BusinessWeek is a good example.  They’ve featured several stories on Second Life, including a cover article a few months ago.  That issue sparked my interest and led to a meeting with a couple of the other members of my editorial team.

The result?  The advance release copy just hit my desk today: Second Life, The Official Guide.  It’s a 350-page, 4-color book with a CD; the CD includes textures and templates as well as a bunch of animations and videos.  The CD also includes a special code which provides readers with access to “exclusive in-world content.”

Kudos to acquisitions editor Willem Knibbe and the rest of the team for making this one happen in record time!  I’m way behind in all my other reading right now, but everything else just will have to sit a bit longer while I explore this book over the weekend.


Joel Fugazzotto

Congratulations to Willem and the rest of the book team.

There's a cool intersection of Second Life with some Sybex/Wrox/Wiley books displayed at Jeff Barr's blog (he's the Lead Web Services Evangelist at In his SL garage, Jeff has posters on the wall of Mining Amazon Web Services (Sybex) and Mashups (Wrox Press). Jeff wrote the forward to the Mining Amazon Web Services book.

Joe Wikert

Hi Joel. Thanks for the info on Jeff's blog. Very cool!

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