The Evolution of YouTube
NHL + Google Video = Smart Move

Fidelity vs. Convenience

Kevin Maney at USA Today provides some interesting insight on the fidelity vs. convenience factors of various forms of media. If you ask me, convenience trumps fidelity on just about every front. I guess that’s why I don’t go to many sporting events or concerts anymore. It’s also why so many traditional forms of media are in serious decline these days.

He talks specifically about what Comedy Central needs to do to their website to better compete with the likes of YouTube. If fidelity and convenience are on his two-dimensional x- and y-axis diagram, I think a third dimension needs to be added: Variety. Comedy Central can make their site as rich and interesting as they like. The bottom line is that if it only has Comedy Central content, a site like YouTube, assuming it maintains its high level of variety, will always be a more attractive destination.


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