Print 2.0: Overview
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Print 2.0: Embrace

To embrace online content a newspaper or magazine needs to acknowledge the fact that they no longer provide the fastest and most efficient way of delivering the news. I get most of my news through Google News and TV networks. By the time a paper or magazine shows up I’ve already heard about the story. So should a newspaper or magazine simply abandon the latest stories and focus on something else? Of course not, but they’ve got to evolve and change the type of coverage they offer in print.

I don’t read the article in the paper for the breaking story as much as I look for the local reaction. Google doesn’t have that local feel (yet!), so leverage your feet on the street and focus on the community aspect of the story. The online version of the same article will, of course, allow community comments, so pick from the best of those, incorporate them into the print story and be sure to add commentary/opinion to that point of view; this creates a cycle of community input, the best of which is hand-picked by professional reporters/editors/columnists for inclusion in the print product, open to and driving more community input, etc. If I caught the facts about the story online last night, I expect today’s paper to focus more on the community reaction and related developments, not the same facts from yesterday.


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