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Cuban’s “Long Tail Ghetto”

Mark Cuban makes some interesting points about the nature of the long tail of content in this post, but…

To me it seems like the flow is almost always left to right, from the “vert ramp”, as he refers to it, down the long tail. He talks about progressing from right to left, breaking through the “content ceiling.” There’s no doubt this happens from time to time, but there’s so much content moving the other direction that it’s got to be like salmon swimming upstream.

I absolutely love the fact that the long tail of content means there’s loads and loads of niche material out there, generally written by experts who are passionate about the topic. I’m delighted that most of these people aren’t in it for the money; if they were, they would have quit long ago. It’s the same for me and my blog. I’ve made next to nothing for my efforts thus far, but I have met quite a few new and interesting people along the way. That, along with the fun of providing my opinion for anyone who will listen is what makes the long tail of content so attractive to me.

If everyone currently contributing content to the long tail, including myself on this blog, was doing it for fame and fortune they would soon give up in despair. I’m quite happy living in this content “ghetto”, as Cuban describes it, because I feel like I’m helping contribute to the community. Maybe it’s not always about the money.


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