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Barnes & Noble Gets More Competitive

It costs $25 a year but I feel it’s worth every penny. I’m talking about the Member Program at Barnes & Noble. I’ve been a member for a couple of years now and they recently made the deal even better. Your membership now gets you 40% off all hardcover bestsellers. That’s in addition to a 20% discount on all other adult hardcovers and 10% off pretty much everything else, including café items.

As far as I’m concerned, Amazon just lost some of their advantage, at least on the hardcover bestsellers. Scanning down Amazon’s bestseller list today, it looks like most hardcover titles are 40% to 43% or 44% off, with a couple coming in a bit higher than that. If most are going to be 40-43% off though, I’d prefer to go to my local B&N and get the book now versus saving a couple of percentage points and having to wait for Amazon to deliver.

This is a smart move on B&N’s part, and well-timed for the upcoming holiday season.


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