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Yahoo’s Christmas Vacation

Yahoo’s Christmas Vacation? Wasn’t this a bad Chevy Chase movie? (Is “bad Chevy Chase movie” redundant?)

In a strange and somewhat unfriendly cost-cutting attempt, Yahoo is forcing all U.S. employees to take a vacation the week of December 25-31. They’re doing it to save a few bucks and reduce the apparently large stockpile of accrued employee vacation time. One additional and unexpected side-effect from the announcement is a boatload of bad PR. (Who’s the genius who said “no publicity is bad publicity”?!) To view the seemingly endless list of comments, just search for “Yahoo vacation” on Google Blogsearch.

This policy makes Yahoo seem more like an automotive assembly factory from the 1950’s than a cutting-edge, progressive media company. What’s the over/under on how long it will take before Yahoo softens their position on this forced vacation?


Kami Huyse

Good point, I wonder if they will soften? I don't think so because they are trying to get vacation liability off their books, but they need to do something here, this looks very bad and demoralizes their employees. "Enjoy your time off" indeed. I wonder how much productivity has been lost in the company as employees "talk" about this?

Joe Wikert

Hi Kami. I guess every day that passes is one more reason for Yahoo to stick with their original announcement. After all, they dealt with the initial storm of bad publicity and I'm sure it's slowing down now. You're absolutely right about the loss of productivity at Yahoo though. How would you like to be one of those people who took most of their vacation already, thinking they could work between the holidays? That should be a fun year-end for those folks, especially as they take those additional days off without pay!

Kami Huyse

They are allowing them to syphon 5 days from 2007, still, not fun.

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