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Warner Brothers Announces Studio 2.0

Isn’t this whole “2.0” thing betting a bit old? Now Warner Bros. is launching a venture called Studio 2.0 to create totally new content for broadband and wireless devices. FWIW, I think it’s the right approach. As I’ve mentioned before regarding the book industry, you’ll only get so far repurposing content to a new platform; the real advancements will only come when you build the content around those new platforms, not just repurpose something else.

Although it’s not apparent in the story linked to above, I hope Warner decides to go beyond just creating all the content internally and leverages the community in some of this. Yes, YouTube is filled with a lot of junk, most of which nobody cares about. But, there are plenty of talented writers and video professionals (or wanna-be’s) who could probably also contribute to Studio 2.0’s success. At the very least, Warner should have some part of Studio 2.0 focused on finding and signing all the new talent that continues to emerge on this front.


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