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Newspapers and New Media Can Coexist?

The old media vs. new media war is being waged all over, even in the small town of

Fort Wayne. In this article, the old media guy tells the new media guy that they can live happily ever after. To his credit, the old media guy’s newspaper site features a number of blogs and even has a downloadable podcast of the daily headlines. Very cool.

So what’s my beef? If the new media guy’s blog is doing such a nice job of covering the local scene, why doesn’t the old media guy join forces with him and list it on his paper’s website? After all, isn’t it highly likely the new media guy’s blog will be of interest to the paper’s customer base? And shouldn’t the new media guy be focused primarily on providing services for his customers?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again (and again and again, till someone in the newspaper industry figures it out!): Newspapers should embrace, not ignore, these local blogs. Find the best ones and showcase them on your sites. Help your readers discover new and interesting blogs. They’re going to find them at some point anyway, so why not be an enabler?


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