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How NOT To Solve the “DVR Problem”

This article from VideoInsider attempts to solve the problem advertisers face with DVR-enabled commercial-skipping. The article notes how live shows with audience voting could help prevent time-shifted viewing. Maybe.  But what’s wrong with this quote from the article?:

By tweaking the format to force viewers to watch the show live in order to have their vote count, we start to get to the crux of the matter.

How about the expression “to force viewers?” Can you really force viewers to do anything? Even if you could, is that any way to win them over? The DVR is an empowering device. I seriously doubt advertisers/broadcasters are going to solve the ad-skipping problem by making the DVR less attractive to use. The winners won’t take the DVR away; they’ll embrace it and figure out how to survive with it, not in spite of it.


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