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Faith of My Fathers, by John McCain

After seeing Senator John McCain speak a few times over the years, I grew curious to learn more about him. He always comes across a very intelligent and insightful person. I knew he served in Vietnam and was held as a POW for a few years, but I had no idea what he and his fellow POW’s endured while in captivity.

McCain’s Faith of My Fathers was published in 1999 but is as inspiring a read today as it will be 50 years from now. McCain comes from a long line of American military heroes. His grandfather and father were both four-star admirals in the Navy. Although McCain comes across as a very reserved and quiet man, he apparently knew how to have a good time in high school and through the Naval Academy; McCain isn’t at all shy about sharing some of the more colorful details of those formative years.

This isn’t just a book about McCain’s years as a POW, although that is the focus for the second half of the book. That part of the story is remarkable enough, but the coverage of both of the elder McCain’s and their military highlights make for a truly special read.


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