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If you haven’t already taken a look at this, you owe it to yourself to visit the CNET TV site. It’s only in beta at this point, but it sure seems a lot more stable and polished than most beta sites I’ve visited over the years.

Although there are a number of objects on the screen, the interface overall is simple and intuitive. I really like the virtual remote control on the left, for example; the 8 channels they currently offer fit nicely in a list at the bottom of the remote. It’s also extremely easy to create a playlist from all the videos across all channels. So as I scan through the entire program listing I can quickly click on the plus sign next to the segments I’m interested in and they’ll show up in my personal playlist.

Since I like to keep up on the latest tech trends, I can see myself creating a playlist every morning and having it run in the background while I get settled in for the day ahead. I’d like to think the traditional TV networks will follow this model at some point and offer bite-size segments from news and other programs for playlist viewing. You missed a fascinating segment from the Today Show? No problem. Add it to your NBC playlist and watch it anytime later that day. I don’t care if the network adds a commercial to the front end. And from their point of view, it’s much easier to disable the fast-forward button online than it is on a DVR, so 100% of the online viewers will see the ad, compared to something less than 100% for the traditional viewers.

P.S. -- In the original version of this post I neglected to mention that my colleague Barry Pruett alerted me to CNET TV; despite all my various news feeds and other tracking systems, I think this one would have slipped below my radar if Barry hadn't given me a heads-up.


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