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You Call This a Manifesto?

“Blogs are the Long Tail of Media”

Or so says Chris Anderson in this interview in Folio Magazine. In it, Anderson talks about how publishers are missing an opportunity in extracting value from their archives. The article also contains all the obligatory references to community, open content, etc. I found this quote interesting:

Right now, about 50% of our traffic goes into the archives. This new model is that yesterday’s news is where your business is. That’s brand new. An increasing amount of traffic is coming from third-party search and blog links and a decreasing amount of traffic is coming from your front page and other destination models.

He’s talking primarily about the magazine model, I believe, but it probably applies to newspapers as well. I wonder how much time the typical newspaper/magazine website is investing in making their archives more discoverable; if Anderson’s stats are any indication, there’s more value than one might expect to find in those old articles, columns, etc.


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