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The Science of God

Regardless of your beliefs, you owe it yourself to read Gerald Schroeder’s The Science of God. My son (the science buff) recommended it to me, saying it’s one of his favorite books; in fact, the copy I just finished reading was a gift he gave me a few months ago. I was intrigued to see how Schroeder went about tying the Bible to science.

I wasn’t disappointed. You often hear about how science has exposed flaws in many of the stories that appear in the Bible. Schroeder goes into detail to show how many of these events can actually be explained with science. For example, he uses Einstein’s theory of relativity to support the creation of and age of the universe. Those two chapters alone were worth the price of this one.

Although this book may not cause you to change your beliefs, it will undoubtedly get you thinking differently about creationism, the origins of life, evolution, free will and much more.


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