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John Helmus

Getting ready to use Blurb to document my trip to Spain this past year...depending on how it comes out, then I will publish my New Zealand adventures this year...

Should be fun regardless...

Joe Wikert

Hi John. I hope you'll come back and tell us about the experience. I'd like to know whether Blurb works as advertised.


I'd be interested in your experiences as well. From what I saw, blurb print prices are extremely high, but they sure do make the process easy.

There are many lower-cost alternatives that also "print on demand", which means they print one book at a time. So, self-publishing is a much more reasonable alternative than ever.



For me it's a toss up between lulu, blurb and schiel & denver. I'm not sure of the whole POD thing, still exploring other writers experiences before I take the plunge!

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