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There’s a high likelihood that you’re reading this post through one of the many RSS readers available today. If so, consider yourself ahead of the curve. This article by Paul Gibler highlights the fact that RSS is a powerful technology that’s not only underutilized but largely unknown as well. The two stats he cited that amaze me the most are:

Only 29% of companies with more than $50 million in sales were currently publishing content using RSS…although 63% plan to implement RSS in 2006. (Jupiter Research)

71% of the respondents to a Microsoft Windows Live survey have never heard of RSS. (Harris Interactive)

OK, the second fact scares me more than the first. After all, wouldn’t you think the typical person interested in Windows Live would know a bit about technologies like RSS by now?


Paul Gibler

Hi Joe,
Thanks for the reference to my article. I have a couple of other references to RSS on my blog that your readers might find interesting.

John Paul Micek

Aloha Joe,

In working primarily with business owners and professionals who are new to blogs, podcasts, and other New media tools; we find the same lack of understanding of RSS. But once these business people get even a rudimentary introduction to the marketing power and efficiency that RSS brings, they jump in with both feet.

It's still very early in the game. Those of us who have been using New Media tools for years now take these things for granted, but for the vast majority of business owners out there, they've yet to see the marketplace that's transforming right before they're eyes. But that's changing... have faith! :)

Joe Wikert

Hi Paul. Thanks for stopping by. I'm glad you added the trackback to your blog so folks can find your other posts.

John Paul, you're probably right about my lack of patience...I just figure RSS is such a simple technology to take advantage of, and it's been all over the news, that it seems like a *lot* more people should be aware of it if not using it.

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