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Should Microsoft Buy Yahoo?

Yes! According to this report from Merrill Lynch, Microsoft should bite the bullet and buy Yahoo. I tend to agree. Why?…

Microsoft is outstanding at creating and selling boxed software and site licenses. Why do both of those distribution methods seem so old fashioned all of a sudden? Because they are!

Ray Ozzie has a vision to turn Microsoft into a software-as-a-service (SaaS) organization. He’d probably have better luck playing SuperLotto. The innovator’s dilemma is at work again. There are too many people who are overly focused on protecting Microsoft’s existing licensing and boxed software revenue base to think about risking everything for an SaaS solution.

Buying Yahoo, a company with a solid brand name that really understands the online revenue model, would be a smart move for Microsoft. It almost makes me wish I didn’t unload most of my Microsoft shares a couple of weeks ago…


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